• I loved that you explained what each posture helped with and why we were doing it. Also, great each step was explained so well.
    — Laura Nichols
  • I felt relaxed and calm during class. I like that you talk through why we are doing each pose and how it relates to pregnancy and birth.
    — Sarah Reig - Morant
  • I felt focused, energised and engaged, as well as relaxed. It was just the right pace, I could really feel the stretches working, but it wasn't too strenuos.
    — Anna Sadlier
  • I felt comfortable and relaxed throughout the class. It was a good speed with no pressure.
    — Lucie Royall-Best

Pregnancy Yoga - First Class £5

When? 8-9pm, Tuesday.

Where? The Healthy Living Company, 92- 96 Northease Drive, Brighton, BN3 8LH. (Free on street parking)

Why? When pregnant, your body goes through a huge range of physical and hormonal changes, which can leave you feeling tired, achy and emotional. This class will both energise and relax you. 

Taught in a supportive environment this Pregnancy Yoga class will give you the time and space you need to exercise confidently and safely. Breath and movement techniques can help ease common ailments such as swollen joints and lower back aches, whilst reducing anxiety and improving sleep. Even if you've never practised yoga before it is one of the best exercises you can do during your pregnancy (read even more about why here) and helps in preparation for labour.

Who? Experienced or brand new to Yoga you can come and join this class after your 12 week scan.

What's provided? All equipment, mats, blocks, bricks straps and blankets for a super cosy relaxation.

What do you need to bring? A water bottle.

Cost? £5 for a trial class. 6 class pass for £49. Please pre-book as places are limited. You can join this class at any point.

Book online now or call 01273 526461.

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They have lovely supportive clothes designed for pregnancy yoga and more.