Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga include:

  • Maintaining & even improving overall health & well being
  • Stretching achey muscles and helping to release tension
  • Increasing strength
  • Boosting energy levels when you feel fatigued
  • Helping to improve sleep
  • Relieving anxiety and calming the nervous system
  • Breathing techniques help you prepare for labour
  • Giving you the time to emotionally connect with your baby
  • Introducing a range of postures which you may use during labour
  • It is an excellent way to prepare for the birth of your baby
  • Helping you to recover more quickly after birth



Pregnancy Yoga

For many people pregnancy is the first time they practice yoga, so what are the benefits and why is yoga recommended during pregnancy by midwives and the NHS?

Well there are loads of reasons, and here are just a few . . . 

In our busy lives yoga classes give pregnant women time out of their hectic days to focus on themselves, their babies and their bodies, leaving all other demands at the door - some much needed time out.

Pregnancy yoga is also designed to specifically support the changes occurring in your body during pregnancy. Increases in the levels of the hormone relaxin, which enable your body change shape so rapidly, also leave us more vulnerable to overstretching, weakened joints and in extreme cases this can cause dislocation.

In pregnancy yoga we work to specifically strengthen at risk muscle groups and joints, whilst helping to relieve tension in other areas and improving those all important pelvic floor muscles.

Is it safe for everyone to practice? As with every form of pregnancy exercise, you should ensure that your teacher is specifically trained to teach pre-natal/pregnancy exercise. A knowledgeable teacher should be able to adjust and advise alternative postures so that students with a range of pregnancy related issues, from morning sickness to pelvic girdle pain can still practice safely and enjoy all the benefits this amazing practice has to offer.

I trained with Sally Parkes, an amazing pre- and post natal teacher in January 2017 and in 2018 started assisting her on her pre and post-natal training courses.