Why Mum & Baby Yoga is Fantastic!

When a woman becomes a mother, for the first, or the fifth time, her life changes dramatically. As well as being a wonderful time, it can be overwhelming and full of uncertainty. What could be better than yoga, to support mums at this special time.

Mum and baby yoga has been practiced for 1,000 of years in India, and although relatively new in the West, we have quickly cottoned on to it’s huge benefits, here are some of them:

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The Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga

Local yoga teacher, Heather Deaville from www.deavilleyoga.com has launched a new yoga class for pregnant mums here in The Deans. A pre and post-natal yoga specialist Heather has been teaching pregnancy yoga in Hove for years and on moving to Saltdean was keen to start a class here. Having taught whilst pregnant she has experienced the benefits herself and and got in touch to tell us more.

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Why everyone should try Yoga

Article from The Deans Magazine, June 2018

“Yoga isn’t about touching your toes, folding yourself in two or standing on your head,” Heather Deaville from deavilleyoga.com told us. And she should know, she loves yoga, and has recently started teaching a new Monday evening class at St Martin’s Church Hall in Saltdean.

Heather understands that some people find the thought of going to a yoga class intimidating, and although she is endlessly enthusiastic about it now, she admits that hasn’t always been the case.

“I first tried yoga when I was 18 and, let's put it this way, it wasn’t for me. I rediscovered it in my 30s and now I’m hugely passionate about its physical and emotional benefits."

She says: “There’s nothing to be worried about when trying your first yoga class. Common fears are not being flexible enough, looking silly (we all look silly) or everyone being ‘better’ than you. Yoga is a practice, and everyone is at different stages in a class.

“Yoga is about connecting to your body and breath, and stopping to really listen to yourself for a change. It gives you time to switch off from the rest of the world and really tune in to what your body is telling you.”

Heather continues: “I am by no means a perfect yogi — I can't do all of the advanced poses and on a Monday my balance is less tree and more spaghetti. But I love it! Come wobbly days or sturdy days, yoga gives me the physical and mental space I need to get the most out of life.

“I'm not the most serious yoga teacher, but I am incredibly passionate about how much this ancient art has to offer everyone. All are welcome on the mat at Deaville Yoga.”

Heather is teaching Hatha Flow Yoga every Monday evening, 7.30-8.30pm at St Martin’s Hall on Longridge Avenue in Saltdean. The class is suitable for beginners, all equipment is provided and a trial class is just £5. So why not give it a go?

What to wear to Pregnancy Yoga Class

What to wear to your Deaville Yoga prenatal yoga class (and save money too!)

Picture caption:   FittaMamma Om Baby  Workout Support Top modelled by Bethanie Lunn who regularly enjoyed yoga classes throughout both her pregnancies.

Picture caption:  FittaMamma Om Baby Workout Support Top modelled by Bethanie Lunn who regularly enjoyed yoga classes throughout both her pregnancies.

Joining a pregnancy yoga class is a positive move towards feeling more relaxed, energised and prepared for the birth of your baby.  A dedicated prenatal yoga session isn’t just about stretching, exercising and feeling more in tune with your body and your developing baby, it’s a fantastic way to meet other Mums-to-be too.

But if you’re new to pregnancy and new to yoga you might have some concerns about what to wear to your class

You may of course be perfectly happy to bare your blossoming belly but most Mums-to-be feel a lot more comfortable and secure when their baby bump is tucked up, covered up and supported.

Which is why I’ve partnered with maternity active wear specialists FittaMamma, who have devised a gorgeous range of maternity fitness wear that’s perfect for pregnancy yoga.

FittaMamma say, ‘We love to encourage Mammas-to-be to stay active during pregnancy but recognise that joining a class or embarking on a new style of exercise can be daunting, especially when your body is undergoing so many changes.  Looking good and wearing the right clothes can be a real boost to your confidence – but it’s not just about style, our maternity fitness wear supports your baby bump to make exercise during pregnancy more comfortable. Our clothes don’t ride up and expose your tummy, they won’t fall down when you bend down and they’ll hold your bump, boobs and lower back to provide support where you need it.’

Check out these fab FittaMamma styles designed for pregnancy yoga:

My current favourite is this gorgeous ‘Om Baby’ yoga top (pictured above,) which I wear all the time! Designed to hug and hold your baby bump, with extra support for your boobs as well. The ruched front is just as flattering after your baby is born, disguising your ‘mummy tummy’ until you’ve regained your pre-baby shape.

These maternity yoga pants are soft, stretchy and super-supportive, with a unique waist panel that rolls right up over your bump or folds down underneath it, depending on where you need most support. It holds your lower back too – great for easing back ache and lifting the weight of the baby. These come as a three-quarter length Capri of full-length leggings too, so you can choose which look you prefer.

I love this deceptively simple pregnancy yoga top too. The longer length and curved lower hem means it stays snugly around your bump when you exercise.  Available in a choice of soft, pretty colours there’s also the option of choosing the same top with the positive ‘Me & My Baby Stretching Together’ message – sharing your commitment and attitude to staying fit during pregnancy.

Click here to see more of the FittaMamma range of maternity yoga and fitness wear. 

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