The Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga

From The Deans Magazine, October 2018

Local yoga teacher, Heather Deaville from has launched a new yoga class for pregnant mums here in The Deans. A pre and post-natal yoga specialist Heather has been teaching pregnancy yoga in Hove for years and on moving to Saltdean was keen to start a class here. Having taught whilst pregnant she has experienced the benefits herself and and got in touch to tell us more.

“I first got really into yoga when I was pregnant with my first child. I found it gave me some much needed time out from my hectic lifestyle to focus on myself, my baby and my changing body.”

Heather was so inspired by how much it helped her during her pregnancy that she trained as a yoga teacher and went on to specialise in pre and post-natal yoga.

As well as some much needed time out Heather told us

“Pregnancy Yoga is specifically designed to support you both physically and mentally during this huge period of change. In class I aim to help my students maintain, and even improve their overall health, stretch out achy muscles, relieve tension, gain strength and also practice breathing and movement techniques that will be useful during labour.”

Is it safe for everyone to practice? “As with every form of pregnancy exercise, you should ensure that your teacher is specifically trained to teach pre-natal/pregnancy exercise. A knowledgeable teacher should be able to adjust and advise alternative postures so that students with a range of pregnancy related issues can still practice safely and enjoy all the benefits this amazing practice has to offer.”

Heather is teaching Pregnancy Yoga every Monday evening, 6.15-7.15pm at St Martins Hall on Longridge Avenue in Saltdean. She provides all the equipment you need the class is suitable for pregnant women after their 12 week scan. A trial class is just £5.

For more information please visit or call 07974 250207.