I want more people to enjoy yoga because its amazing!

I love yoga, (but I haven't always...) 

My passion for this awesome practice came through my experience of Pregnancy, Mum & Baby, then Vinyasa Flow Yoga. And that's exactly what yoga is, a practice, it's not about touching your toes, folding yourself in two or standing on your head. It's about connecting to your body and breath, and stopping to really listen to yourself for a change. Taking the time to switch off from the rest of the world and really tune in to what your own body is telling you. 

I am by no means a perfect yogi, I can't do all of the advanced poses and on a Monday morning my balance is less Tree and more spaghetti. But I love it! Come wobbly days or sturdy days, yoga gives me the physical and mental space I need to get the most out of life. I'm not the most serious yoga teacher, but I am incredibly passionate about how much this ancient art has to offer everyone. All are welcome on the mat at Deaville Yoga.

Heather Deaville


We booked in a restorative yoga class with Heather in place of a team meeting and were delighted. The session was an excellent chance to feel relaxed and at ease and the benefits stayed with us through the rest of the day. I would heartily recommend restorative yoga with Heather as a great way to manage the uncertainties and stresses of work and recharge. She is a great tutor, realistic and supportive and balances a sense of fun with a real passion for her craft. She also speaks with calm and clear authority, helping guide a complete novice through poses with poise. Highly recommended – can we do it again please? - Siobhan, Charity Manager